Service-Learning by the Numbers

Here are some quick snap-shots of information about service-learning at the University of Georgia, updated 2018:

  • During 2017-18, 430 course sections with service-learning (231 unique service-learning enhanced courses) were taught at UGA. These courses represented some 8,135 student enrollments, reaching 6,369 unique students at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional level.
  • Based on end-of-course surveys, students in these classes provided over 275,000 hours of service. According to estimates of the value of volunteer time this represents about $6.9 million in benefit to the community.
  • As of fall 2018, over 250 courses carry a formal “S” designation, with additional course approvals in process.
  • Service-learning coursework is available in all of UGA’s 17 schools and colleges, and in some online courses, study abroad programs, and extended campuses.
  • Since its inception in 2006, the Service-Learning Fellows faculty development program has reached over 125 faculty in over 50 separate departments/units representing 16 of UGA’s schools/colleges plus 3 public service & outreach units, the Georgia Regents University medical partnership, and OVPI.
  • From academic year 2007-08 to 2018, OSL provided over 130 service-learning support grants to faculty members and graduate students, for over $70,000 in support of service-learning initiatives, ranging from transportation to background checks to supplies.
  • The Service-Learning Research Excellence and Service-Learning Teaching Excellence awards debuted in Spring 2011 and annually recognize outstanding faculty in these areas.