Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

In 2010, UGA was recognized by the Carnegie Foundation for its institutional commitment to community engagement through teaching, research and public service with the Community Engagement Classification. UGA is one of 115 colleges and universities to achieve this elective classification in 2010 and joins the ranks of only 311 institutions nationally.

The Carnegie Foundation noted that successful applicants “documented excellent alignment among mission, culture, leadership, resources and practices that support ¬dynamic and noteworthy community engagement.” Download UGA’s 2010 application and partnership grid below.

However, they found: “During the selection process, we noted that even among the most effective applications, there are categories of practice in need of continued development.  Those areas include: (1) assessment, (2) reciprocal partnerships, (3) faculty rewards, and (4) integration and alignment with other institutional initiatives.”

UGA’s University Committee on Outreach and Engagement began to address these areas in 2011, and work is underway to evaluate UGA’s practices and goals in these areas as well. UGA will submit for the classification next in 2015.