COVID-19 Community Resources

Dear Community Partners               (updated: March 24, 2020)

We anticipate that in the coming weeks, many of you may be hosting volunteer opportunities or conducting supply drives to assist individuals in our community that have been impacted by COVID-19 or by the suspension/closure of schools, colleges, offices, businesses, etc. We want to remind you that the Engage Georgia/GivePulse platform can be a useful space to coordinate volunteers and supply drives. We know that there are many google documents and individuals working to consolidate opportunities to one location – hopefully this page can assist with this (and help you manage volunteers).

In an effort to coordinate community efforts the Office of Service-Learning is taking the following actions:

  • We have created a page called Volunteer Coordination for Athens-Clarke County COVID-19 to coordinate community volunteer efforts.

    • If your agency is creating volunteer opportunities in response to COVID-19 please click the AFFILIATE button on the right side of our page: – this will pull all volunteer opportunities in the Athens-Clarke County community into one space.
    • When you affiliate it will ask you a couple of brief questions – please answer as we will use these answers to gain a better understanding of what types of assistance your agency may need.
      • If you would like, you can give our group administrative access to assist with troubleshooting and answering questions.
  • We have promoted the page on the Engage GA platform – if you have opportunities that you’d like highlighted please let Josh Podvin ( know.
  • In addition to your agency affiliating with the page, we encourage you (and your regular volunteers) to become a member of the page – it will help us in understanding who is participating in this effort and what skills you/your agency can bring to bear.
  • We encourage you to share this page with others in our community

OSL can assist local agencies in the following ways:

  • We can use this page to support organizations who aren’t currently represented on the Engage GA/GivePulse platform, or who aren’t as comfortable creating events
  • We are happy to assist any organization remotely in their volunteer management and in event creation by answering questions or troubleshooting issues
  • If your agency doesn’t need volunteers but is hosting a virtual event or a donation/supply drive we can assist in managing those opportunities
  • For organizations not on the platform we can spotlight an opportunity on your web site
  • If your agency needs to create a private event/opportunity please let me know – we can assist in managing these types of opportunities
    • Private events are helpful if you need to offer opportunities to pre-screened or specific individuals

Things agencies might consider when creating volunteer opportunities:

  • What methods/protocols are you establishing to ensure that volunteers are not unknowingly spreading COVID-19?
    • Temperature checks, gloves, hand cleaning, etc.
    • Not volunteering if you’ve come in contact with someone exposed to COVID-19
    • CDC Volunteer Guidelines
  • What measures are you taking to ensure that supplies donated are cleaned prior to distribution?
  • These are a few examples – agencies should make sure they establish their own protocols

As always, please let us know how the Office of Service-Learning can support you and your agencies.