Finding Service-Learning Courses

How Can I Find Service-Learning Classes?

Each year, hundreds of courses are taught at UGA using service-learning pedagogy. Typically, over 450 course sections, representing over 250 different courses in all 17 of UGA's schools and colleges incorporate service-learning.

Many (but not all) of these courses carry an "S" suffix to designate service-learning. These S-designated courses can be searched in several ways:

  • To see what courses have been approved through the CAPA system with the S-suffix, you can search the UGA Bulletin. Use the advanced search feature to search by suffix, and you can pull up an alphabetical listing of all courses to date that have been approved to have the S suffix:
  • To see what S-designated courses are being offered in a particular semester, go to the ATHENA system "class schedule" link, and select the appropriate semester. Select the course prefix (or several/all of them), then under "Attribute Type," highlight "Service-Learning", add in any other parameters (such as particular instructors or campuses), and the "Class Search" button at the bottom will return a list of all the S-designated courses offered in that semester.
  • Courses that have other suffixes (such as E courses) that have been approved with the "SERV" attribute through CAPA will also show up in the Class Search in ATHENA (but not in the Bulletin).


Note, presently courses that may include service-learning, but do not carry the S-suffix, are not readily searchable unless they carry the SERV attribute. Contact the Office of Service-Learning with questions about other courses.