S Designation Course Suffix

Academic courses with a service-learning component can be designated with an S suffix through CAPA, UGA’s online course approval system (e.g., AESC 2990S).  The course approval process can be used to revise existing courses or propose new courses by designating the “S” suffix, entering the degree of service-learning in the Non-Traditional Format field of the CAPA system, and by providing evidence of service-learning in the Course Objectives and/or Topical Outline section of the course approval form.

The “S” suffix was developed by the Service-Learning Curriculum Committee in 2007-08 and approved in Spring 2008 by the University Curriculum Committee.

As of 2020, over 250 courses have received this designation. See the S-designated courses approved to date in the UGA Bulletin, at http://bulletin.uga.edu/CoursesAdvSearchBySuffix.aspx.

Additionally, some colleges have links to their service-learning course offerings on their websites (FACS, College of Environment and Design, College of Agriculture and Environmental Services,School of Social Work, and Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources).

See specific information in the S-Course FAQ section and read the PDF handout for more information on the process of designating a course with the S suffix.