Faculty Development

panel presenting on service-learningOne of the primary missions of the Office of Service-Learning is to support faculty members in the design, implementation, and assessment of service-learning and community-engaged teaching and research.

As such, the OSL offers a range of options, including the year-long Service-Learning Fellows program, periodic workshops, a Faculty Learning Community, and individual consultation with faculty members.

The Office of Service-Learning also maintains an extensive lending library of books and periodicals relating to service-learning which faculty members may access.

OSL programs and faculty development initiatives are available to faculty in all career tracks, including tenure track, academic professionals, public service faculty, clinical faculty, and more. We also are happy to consult with graduate students, staff, and others with interest in this pedagogy. Whether you are totally new to service-learning, or want to help take a leadership role in advancing service-learning on campus, we would love to hear from you!