Friends of Oconee Hill Cemetery

Oconee Hill Cemetery, located adjacent to campus, is a new partner for service-learning activities. In 2011, Historic Preservation students in the College of Environment and Design began preservation advocacy work for this historic cemetery; and students from the New Media Institute developed an app for self-touring the cemetery.











They are interested in additional collaborations across a range of disciplines, such as:

Development of self-guided tours

Grant development/research on foundations that favor cemetery preservation.

Expand general public awareness: historical treasure, value as large green space, military campaigns and significance of those buried within, UGA notables/connections (as well as state), as an active cemetery.

Entranceway enhancement/landscape development.

GPS/digital mapping

Documenting architectural evolution/preservation.

To get involved with the Friends of Oconee Hill Cemetery or for more information, please contact Helen Mills,

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