2014-2015 Service-Learning Fellows


The 2014-15 Service-Learning Fellows, their respective academic fields, and proposed projects are:

Fellow List: 

Robert Christensen, Associate Professor, Public Administration & Policy, School of Public and International Affairs Christensen plans to develop and implement research examining undergraduate students’ public service motivation and its relationship to participation in service-learning activities, with particular attention to the influences of student gender and ethnicity, and longer term impacts on career choices that may be public service related.

Caree Cotwright, Assistant Professor, Foods and Nutrition, College of Family and Consumer Sciences Cotwright will continue to enhance applied field experiences for students in FDNS 4660/6660, Foods and Nutrition Education, and plans to develop a mobile food market at child-care centers to increase availability and consumption of fresh produce.

Jolie Daigle, Associate Professor, Counseling & Human Development Services, College of Education Daigle’s project will further integrate service-learning pedagogy and training experiences in the school counseling curriculum, so that school counselors, in turn, can develop service-learning programs to enhance the academic curriculum, engage students meaningfully in the community, and contribute to school improvement and success.

April Galyardt, Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology, College of Education Galyardt intends to involve graduate students in applying educational “data mining” and statistical analysis to projects that benefit university offices and departments by using institutional data to answer questions relating to institutional priorities.

Natasha Ganem, Lecturer, Sociology, Franklin College of Arts & Sciences Ganem will continue to develop the service-learning components of her SOCI 3070 (Juvenile Delinquency) course, including a focus on preparing UGA students to more effectively engage in their roles as mentors of youth in the community.

Mary Hondalus, Associate Professor, Infectious Diseases, College of Veterinary Medicine Hondalus will expand service-learning opportunities for students in veterinary medicine, including incorporating vaccination clinics and animal health education into a course focusing on the needs of underserviced Athens communities.

Peter Jutras, Associate Professor, Hugh Hodgson School of Music Jutras plans to establish additional service-learning courses in music teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels, partnering with the Community Music School, which offers music instruction to individuals and groups of all ages and income levels.

Catherine Teare Ketter, Academic Professional, Marine Sciences, Franklin College of Arts & Sciences Teare Ketter plans to revise and incorporate additional community partners into her marine science educational outreach course, converting it into a new course (MARS 3800S: Service-Learning through Educational Outreach in Marine Sciences), as well as to research impacts of prior semesters’ courses on short- and long-term student outcomes.

Tiffany Washington, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work Washington will develop a Maymester gerontology course in which her students apply course knowledge to engage with and provide respite visits to Alzheimer’s disease caregivers in the local community.

Year Range: 
2014 to 2015