2007-2008 Service-Learning Fellows


The 2007-08 Service-Learning Fellows, their respective academic fields, and projects were:

Fellow List: 

Deborah Gonzalez, Public Service Assistant, International Public Service & Outreach

Gonzalez designed a service-learning component for a leadership development course for professionals to be held in Central America.

Nik Heynen, Assistant Professor, Geography 

Heynen continued development of the Athens Urban Food Collective (AUFC) and its affiliated course, GEOG 4890/6890. Students learned about and engaged in direct action around urban hunger in Athens with Athens Food Not Bombs, the Athens Common Ground Resource Center and ACC’s Department of Human and Economic Development.

Jessica Muilenburg, Assistant Professor, Health Promotion and Behavior

Muilenburg’s health promotion students implemented the Healthy Adolescent Workers program (HAWK), a theory-based innovative curriculum aimed at the adolescent workforce, at local school and community sites.

Robert Nielsen, Assistant Professor, Housing and Consumer Economics

Nielsen integrated a service-learning component into a new HACE4000/6000: Research Methods in Housing and Consumer Economicscourse. His students developed survey questions for a Georgia Poll; this provided a non-profit organization with the resulting state-representative data to further its education and advocacy mission.

Uttiyo Raychaudhuri, Academic Professional Associate, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources 

Raychaudhuri’s project explored global service-learning opportunities associated with community-based marine resource management in a coastal village in Fiji, in conjunction with UGA’s Studies Abroad in the South Pacific and Caribbean program.  His students gained a better understanding of traditional Fijian environmental practice, assisted in replanting corals to revitalize marine areas, and aided in the efforts to conserve and replant mangroves.

Leara Rhodes, Associate Professor, Journalism

Students in Rhodes’ magazine publishing class produced a 32-page color magazine promoting eco-tourism along the Chattahoochee River from Fort Gaines, Georgia to the Florida state line. Students prepared a market analysis, assessed the target audience, developed story ideas, wrote, edited, and took pictures for the stories, and designed the final magazine, which was distributed to communities in that area.

Peter Smagorinsky, Professor, Language & Literacy Education

Smagorinsky developed LLED 3461S: Service-Learning in English Education. In this course, English Education majors are placed in tutoring relationships with Athens youth from impoverished backgrounds, providing academic help as well as providing teacher candidates with experiences with students from backgrounds different from their own.

Kathy Thompson, Public Service Associate, Elementary & Social Studies Education

Thompson integrated service-learning into the Middle School Initial Certification Program. Students enrolled in EDMS 5020:  Educating Young Adolescents studied service-learning best practices, made connections to critical frameworks for middle grades education, and engaged in a service-learning project that implemented these best practices.

Year Range: 
2007 to 2008