What are the benefits of applying for the S designation?

This course designation has many benefits for students, faculty, and the university community:

  • It appears on student transcripts to document academic service-learning and community-based experiences, and will provide standardized language for service-learning course expectations in the UGA Bulletin.
  • For many schools and colleges, courses with the S-suffix are automatically approved as fulfilling the university's Experiential Learning requirement.
  • S-designated courses will be included in the new Experiential Learning Transcript without additional steps necessary.
  • It helps the Office of Service-Learning track the prevalence of such courses and provide specialized support to instructors, such as access to service-learning assessment tools and faculty development opportunities.
  • It allows faculty to document their time spent teaching service-learning courses.
  • There can be both a service-learning and non-service-learning section of the same course (e.g. HORT 2000 and HORT 2000S), and the individual department and instructor may decide which version(s) to offer in a given semester.