How does the approval process work?

S designated courses go through the standard course approval process, however, the Office of Service-Learning is available for consultation or support during any stage of the process:

  1. The faculty member or Department Course Initiator enters a New Course Proposal or a Course Change Proposal.
  2. Proposals are reviewed and approved by departments and sent on for college/school approval.
  3. Proposals with an S designation are sent to the Office of Service-Learning for comments and feedback.
  4. After any suggested changes are made, proposals are sent to the University Curriculum Committee for approval.
  5. Please note that this process can take some time and that there are course application deadlines you must meet in order to have courses approved by certain academic semesters. CAPA deadlines can be found online at:
  6. There is also a process for requesting a temporary, one-semester approval for an S course to be designated/offered for the upcoming semester, if the CAPA process has been initiated but not finalized in time. Check with Curriculum Systems of the Office of Service-Learning for more about this option.