Can there be an S version and a non-S version of the same course?

Yes. There can be both an S and non-S version of the same course (e.g. ENGL1101 and ENGL1101S).  This gives departments and instructors the choice of which version(s) of the course to offer in a given semester depending on departmental needs. This is similar to offering an Honors and non-Honors section of a course.

In some cases, it may not make sense to have both versions-- for instance, a class which is always service-learning should do a course-change application in CAPA to include the S, rather than a new course proposal leaving the original as well.

S designated courses must include a statement on the degree of service-learning in the Non-Traditional Format field of the CAPA system, and must provide evidence of service-learning implementation in the Course Objectives and/or Topical Outline section of the course approval form.