How do you fill out the course approval form for S-designated courses in CAPA?

  1. Have the Department Course Initiator login to CAPA at
  2. Select “Begin a New Course Proposal” to create a new course with service-learning, or “Begin a Course Change Proposal” to add an S suffix to an existing course. You can have both an S and non-S version of a course, so the option selected will depend on the department’s needs.  Please contact the Office of Service-Learning at 706-542-8924 if you have questions.
  3. Fill out the course ID and number, and select the “Service-Learning Course (S)” radio button to indicate this will be an S-designated course:

4.   Make sure to click on the “Service-Learning Course (S)” underlined link and copy the appropriate text on the estimated degree of service-learning. This will be pasted into the Non-Traditional Format field on the next screen. Click to proceed.

5.   Fill out requested information and paste the degree of service-learning copied on previous screen into the Non-Traditional Format field. Include any additional course-specific information in this field along with this boilerplate text:

6. Make sure to include evidence of service-learning in the Course Objectives and/or Topical Outline section of the course approval form. Refer to the service-learning best practices handout for more information!