Module 1: Latino Cultures and Cultural Values

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Sources and Resources for Additional Information:

Possible reflection questions intended for use with this module:

  1. What did you hear in this presentation that resonated with your experiences so far?
  2. What did you hear that did not seem to apply to the community or people you’re working with?
  3. When have you experienced interacting with someone who had different cultural values than you? What challenges did that present? What could help reduce potential difficulties?
  4. How can we strike a balance between understanding/expecting cultural differences, and simply stereotyping people?
  5. For each of these profiled Latino cultural concepts, give an example of how it might “play out” in the context of this course’s service-learning work:
  • Familismo
  • Personalismo
  • Respeto
  • Religión
  • Machismo/Marianismo
  • Fatalismo

If using the module BEFORE the service-learning experience:

  1. In what ways did the information from this presentation confirm, or challenge, your expectations or beliefs about the Latino community?
  2. How do the presented elements of Latino cultural values relate to, or differ from, your own beliefs and expectations?
  3. How might you apply the information from this presentation to your service activity? What do you still want to know in order to be prepared for this experience?


If using the module DURING/AFTER the service-learning experience:

  1. What individual variation within members of Latino communities have you noted?
  2. How have you heard terms like “Latino,” “Hispanic,” “Mexican-American,” etc. used in your work with community members? What “identity” terms are preferred by the people you’ve worked with?
  3. What information from this presentation seemed especially relevant to the work you are doing?
  4. How might you apply the information from this presentation, as well as your experiences in your service activity, to your future studies, engagement with community, and/or personal development?
  5. What are you still wondering about that relates to this presentation’s topics and/or your experiences? How might you find more information to help answer your questions?


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