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Course Sections 
During the last academic year, 514 service-learning course sections were taught at UGA. 

Service-Learning by the Numbers

Students can choose from over 500 courses throughout UGA’s schools and colleges to participate in service-learning.

of our undergraduate students
take a service-learning course before they graduate, making it the most affordable and accessible way to complete their experiential learning graduation requirement. 

Service-Learning by the Numbers

Last year, 3,116 undergraduates took a service-learning course, and nearly 1,900 students took two or more service-learning courses.

More than 95 percent of students strongly recommend enrolling in a service-learning course before graduation. Here’s what some students have to say:

“I believe all students should be required to take at least one service-learning class. It would open the eyes of many to the needs of the community and how they can become involved in giving back the gifts that they have been given.”

“It feels great to help my community, and I will continue to volunteer after this class is over.”

“It has made a huge impact on my college career and the relationships I’ve built. I feel so fortunate to go to a University that extends me this opportunity!”

Find a service-learning course for yourself here: Find a Service-Learning Course

teach service-learning courses each year in every school and college at UGA with support from the Office of Service-Learning.

Service-Learning by the Numbers

Since 2006, 169 faculty members (including the 10 selected for 2023-24) have participated in the Service-Learning Fellows program, representing 16 schools and colleges, 3 public service and outreach units, the Provost’s Office, Student Affairs, and the Medical Partnership.

enrolled in a service-learning course in 2022-23.

Service-Learning by the Numbers

Of these 9,277 students, there were 6,800 individual students at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels in all UGA’s schools and colleges, UGA’s extended campuses, online courses, and through study abroad.

Read our latest stories to learn about service-learning in action:

Green Team connects UGA and middle school students with passion for ecology

UGA student teaches BHL students about cacao fruit.

Cross-Institutional Students Support a Coastal Georgia Legacy

Non-Profit and Community Organizations
partner with service-learning courses throughout Georgia and beyond each year.

Service-Learning by the Numbers

Every year, students in UGA service-learning courses work with an average of 100 non-profit and community organizations throughout the state.

hours of service
provided by students in service-learning courses to communities across Georgia last year. 

Service-Learning by the Numbers

Students enrolled in service-learning course provided $10 million in direct benefit to communities across Georgia through their coursework.

Community Volunteers
We believe in working alongside our partners and engage over 3,500 community volunteers every year.

Service-Learning by the Numbers

Over the last year, the OSL AmeriCorps VISTA network members supervised 1,285 volunteers, providing over 3,000 hours of service that brought in about $5,000 in cash and over $26,000 in non-cash resources for eight organizations.

K-12 Students
Last year, Experience UGA brought nearly 7,000 K-12 Clarke County School District students to campus for hands-on fields trips.

Service-Learning by the Numbers

Experience UGA sponsored 75 field trips last year for Clarke County School District students to learn about campus and college options.

Over 500 UGA students serve as ambassadors and volunteers for Experience UGA trips each year.

Read about some of our 2022-23 Experience UGA Ambassadors.

Experience UGA ambassadors

meals served
to food insecure members of the community by Campus Kitchen students since 2012.

Service-Learning by the Numbers

The Campus Kitchen engages UGA students and faculty to help develop sustainable solutions to food waste and hunger. Since 2012, Campus Kitchen has served over 112,000 meals and recovered nearly 493,000 pounds of food.

Student leaders and volunteers transform unused food from grocery stores and farms into meals and groceries that are delivered to older adults and human service agencies in Athens, Georgia.

Our work helps our community grow in its understanding of the systemic challenges facing older adults and our food system. This results in the continued advancement towards collaborative solutions.

Future Salary Increase
UGA alumni with service-learning experience are better prepared for the workforce.

Service-Learning by the Numbers

Students who gain experience through the Office of Service-Learning are better prepared for the workforce and gain many advantages over other UGA alumni. It has been found that graduates with service-learning experience begin their careers with higher starting salaries, by an average of $5,000, and they have an accelerated path to their first promotion.


Graduates with service-learning experience have skills that allow them to hit the ground running from day one, and employers know this. Service-learning looks impressive on a resume, and employers know that students have not only practiced the skills they learned in their classes, but they have also built important interpersonal skills that can only be developed outside of the classroom.

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